Kings Bar and Grill
14460 240th St E
Miesville, MN  55033
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How It All Began...

Looking back over the years, the history of Miesville has been closely tied with the
Kings location.  It started with the town's founder building one of the first businesses
on site in 1874 as a saloon, restaurant and boarding house.  Acting as a stopping spot
between Hastings and Red Wing for people traveling by horse and buggy. A warm smile
and food have long been a part of the business.  By 1888 it changed ownership and
transformed into a grocery store, saloon and post office.  Lastings impressions can still
be found on the walls and with the original ceiling still intact today.  Over the years
Miesville has gone through many changes, from only 23 people and 3 established
business in 1923 to 135 people and many more business in 2009.  From floods in
1944 and 1968 to a town encompassing fire in 1959, and tornados in 1987 with the
latest in 2008, the Kings building has withstood the test of time.

On October 1st of 1984, the Greenlee's purchased Kings, which was a grocery store, bar
and restaurant only offering 4 burgers on the menu.  By 1992 the family decided to
add a video store in place of the grocery store.  But over time the focus had shifted
and with a simple wall removal, the dining room we know today was formed.

Kings became a restaurant and bar exclusively.  Besides cosmetic changes the menu
grew over time, from the 4 simple burgers in the beginning to over 50 burgers we offer
you today and are always open to new suggestions.  Kings prides itself on still using
the freshest ingredients to make an irresistible and memorable burger.  As once
stated... "A Kings burger is sure to leave a tasty impression."

So come visit us and sit back, relax, enjoy and try to make your own little piece of
history at Kings.
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